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20 boulevard  Lascrosses, 31000 Toulouse, France

Salon du livre et de la culture TBS 2019

6 Dec 2019

La reine des neiges 2

28 Nov 2019

SPLIT- M.Night Shyamalan (2017) Jouer un seul rôle? beaucoup trop simple!

27 Nov 2019

UN PALAIS D’EPINES ET DE ROSES – Sarah J. Maas : un Seigneur des anneaux, mais en beaucoup plus glamour

21 Nov 2019

Le Livre d'Eli

16 Nov 2019

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22 Sep 2017

The kiss was sweet as ever, the liltof her tongue in my mouth. The slowinto focus, near. "I love you",I say

11 Sep 2017

There was a man on my front stoop. A stale cigarette stub hung at his lip; he had stubble like an unmowed lawn and he stank predictably, which was to say like a hairy fat man on a hot day;

28 Jul 2017

Here in the apocalypse I waste nothing: paper put to use as paper, kindling, bedding; pens put to use as pens, hairpins, picks, chisels. Nothing without three or more uses

22 May 2017

Here’s a little something I posted on Facebook this morning after seeing Star Wars 7: 'Ok, Star Wars 7 was awesome. I want to go live in that world again, and that's quite an accomplishment after the failures of the prequels

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