The kiss was sweet as ever, the lilt

of her tongue in my mouth. The slow

into focus, near. « I love you »,

I say. And she: « I love–lov–zzrvbeezz–lovyou. »


That robot smile. The grill of her teeth.
The same old recording: “I have been
discovered. Initiating
sequence 3184.”


“Not again,” I think, and reach
round the bed for the crowbar.
Her eyes begin that light-up danger,
her tensile hands extend for me. I cock back
and swing. The head caves
then separates. Droplets of circuitry
shower the sheets. “Erasing—
And another one ripe for the cleaners.
“Well,” I mutter, “Guess I’ll see if Julia’s free.”


Comments: This a first draft, basically, inspired by the following writing prompt: ‘You’re laying in bed kissing your significant other. They back away a bit, smile, and say, “I love yo…—zzzrvbbrrzz. Love you.” You lean back in horror as you realize they’re a robot. In a monotone voice, they say, “I have been discovered. Initiating sequence 3184.”‘


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